Thursday, March 02, 2006

Not so fast

38 hours 24 minutes and 30 seconds

Ha-Ha! Mom thought I wanted to come out...fooled her!. We went to the doctor yesterday and he checked to see if mom was ready to invite me into the world. Guess what...nothing! She is sealed tighter than Fort Knox :-) I know...a bit graphic, right. I am getting a little loopy in here. No room to stretch, no space to move...I think I am going abit crazy.

Of course that could just be my personality coming through. I mean please...look at who my parents are! Wow...I just realize I don't stand a chance of ever being normal.

Anyway...I am not sure if I will make my grand entrance on Monday of next week like predicted or if I will hang around and give grandma a nice 60th birthday gift. Either way, it can't be too much long. Can it?

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