Monday, December 25, 2006

My first Christmas! a word, Christmas is AMAZING! Now I know why mom and dad were so excited.

My day started later than usual. I gave mommy a gift by sleeping about an hour later than usual this morning. We came downstairs and there were presents everywhere. Apparently, Santa, the same guy I saw last week, came while I was asleep. Amazing. He was so quiet. Even Buster didn't bark when he came.

Anyway, after a quick breakfast, we started opening presents. Between Santa, mom and dad, I got a lot of cool stuff. I got some clothes, some books, a few movies and some toys. Mom and dad got a lot of neat stuff as well. Even Buster got two presents (that I got for him!)

After a quick nap, we all went to grandma's house. She was just as excited about Christmas! Apparently Santa had been there as well because there was a lot of stuff there as well. Mom, dad and grandma had a big meal while I slammed down some cereal and pear! Dad said it was the pear from the pear tree in the funny song.

I started tearing into the presents there as well. I got A LOT of toys from grandma and Aunt Denise. After playing and being happy, we all came home. Almost as soon as we got home, Uncle Jason, Aunt Nicole and my adopted cousins came to visit. Again...lots of cool presents from them as well.

I think I made out like a bandit this year. I know mom and dad loved sharing this day with me and I am glad they did. I know dad got a little sad at the end of day since my first Christmas was over, but don't worry dad. I have a lot of firsts yet ahead of me!

I hope that daddy will put some pictures up here in the next couple of days for you. We'll see. We know how much of a slacker he is :-)


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