Sunday, May 27, 2007

Me again!

Hi all!!!

I am still here and fussy as ever thanks to all of these miserable teeth that are coming in! If it hurts this bad so I can eat, I would rather eat rice cereal for a long time :-)

I got to see a lot of people today. First, Aunt Sue and my new friend Haley came to visit. Haley is going to be my roommate when we both go to Ship :-) I was a little tired and fussy, though, so I didn't get to see them too much.

Then Aunt Lisa, Uncle Todd and Baby Moyer came to visit. I can't wait to see this thing growing inside Aunt Lisa. I am going to be the bestest friend with the new baby!

Uncle Todd gave daddy a cd today that had pictures from when we went to visit them before Christmas. I know I look different now, but I thought you might want to see some of these pics:

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