Friday, June 06, 2008

Hey there everyone!

So, as much as I bust daddy's chops about not posting pictures fast enough, it occurred to me that I never write anything here anymore. Just videos and pictures. Wow...I am cute and all, but maybe an update every now and again would be nice!

Well, Tuesday I will officially be 2 years and 3 months old. Yep, an old woman to most, I know. I have an endless vocabulary, but you already knew that by reading these entries! Mom and dad are shocked every day by how verbal I have become and how eloquently I speak. Eloquent Ella...that's me! I am smart too...but again, why overstate the obvious!

I just got myself a new slide. Mom and grandma bought me a Disney princess slide for the back yard. I love to slide now...did you see the video? Swinging, sliding, running, jumping and going crazy outside are some of my favorite things to do. I love it. I am quite active.

The big D-Type 1 is doing okay. I have my good days and bad, but fortunately more good than anything else. Mommy and daddy still check my sugars a lot! I still get my shots a lot! But overall, I feel good. I have some of my pudgy baby chub back and I know I can eat anything I long as it is in moderation. Someone should teach daddy that. You seen that guy's belly lately?!?!?

Reading is one of my favorite things to do. Well, being read to. I know what all the words are, especially to Curious George and the Chocolate Factory, but I like to humor mom and dad by letting them read to me every day.

Speaking of the big guy, I miss him more now because he is working more. Mommy sometimes takes me to see him at work at the stadium. He is all decked out in a white shirt and bow tie. Better yet, I get to see Downtown, baseball and daddy always makes sure I have one of my favorite foods to munch on...PEANUTS. They rock. Super rock! I like the stadium. Everyone loves me and I love being there. Plus, I get to see daddy, so there are so many good things for me there.

Buster Brown is still my best friend. Although I see Moose (that's what daddy call William...or Yummy as I call him) everyday, I still love my puppy. What a huge dog. I have seen so many other smaller dogs. I think Buster is mixed with a horse...neigh, neigh!

Well, enough from me. Mommy thinks I am taking a nap so I better keep the typing down to a minimum. I promise to do better with my posts. I know everyone is dying to know all about me as I grow into a rambunctious, precocious little lady!

Have a good weekend everybody!

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