Monday, February 16, 2009


Hi everyone. I have been very busy since December and I must say I'm sorry for not writing.

Things are going good. First...the diabetes update. While my numbers can be all over the place from day to day, I am doing pretty well. I still am not a big fan of the injections, especially when they pinch, but I know it is necessary.

I had a good Christmas and hopefully daddy will post some picture soon of that. I had a great day that day and I want Christmas to be everyday.

Except when its my birthday. Did I mention I turn three in March? I am so excited. Birthdays are the best!

I have been going to Gymboree and love it. I have a new buddy there, Michael. I am going to his birthday party next week. YEAH BIRTHDAYS! This is going to rock.

I am now a little chatter box and I am quite bossy sometimes. Mom and dad are pulling their hair out! I love driving them nuts :-)

Anyway, thought I would say hi and let you know all is going well.

Bye bye

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