Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hola amigos!

Greetings from the wonderful world of me! Sorry I have not had a chance to be on here lately. We have all been so busy with the plans for my new baby brother! Yep, I was right all along, it is a baby brother! I am so excited. I go up and talk to him everyday and some days I hug mommy's belly so baby brother knows how much I love him. I even tell mommy some days that I know he loves me too.

All baby stuff aside, I am doing well. I am so happy the weather started to get nice. I am an outdoor kid and I want be outside, even when it rains! I love being outside so much grandma bought me a delightful activity set for outside. It has a swing and a slide and teeter and a ladder and a slide! Here are some pictures of this great contraption:

Well, that is all for now, I think. I do want to throw a shout out to Brandon and his new baby sister Emily:

Brandon can teach me all the benefits of being the oldest child!

Take care and I will be back soon!

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