Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Look at me!

Hey there folks...here I am again!

Just click the pic to see a bigger, better view!

Ain't I just a cutie?!?!?

I heard mommy talking today about someone named June. She said June said I was going to have dad's big round head! Ouch...that's kind of mean. Oh well. I am not sure what it looks like yet, but I hope its not big and round!

Things here have been good. Mom continues to feed me good food, so I am quite content. As long as she keeps shoveling in, I will be a happy baby.

Good night all!


June said...

Well, of course the reference to your father's big round head was only meant to infer that you will need a large capacity to hold the large brain that you will surely inherit from both of your parents. ;-)

Baby Baker said...

Wow...I am not even born yet and I understand the meaning of brown noser :-)