Sunday, August 21, 2005

Me again!

Holy Moley!

I didn't realize how long it had been since I last checked in with everyone. Of course, where was I really going to go! I swim one way and then another. That's about it for now and I am happy. As long as mom keeps feeding me, I am satisfied.

Mom took me to the doctor on Thursday. Everything is good, but of course, I could have told her that. I felt the Doc Piccilo poking around. I tried to poke back, but I still have these tiny hands, so I couldn't. But you wait, once I am out of here, I'll remember him poking me!

I have to say too...I am not sure where mom and dad live, but it has been HOT!!! Last Saturday we were at that place with all the cheering and stuff again and I was sweating! It was super hot. I heard mom mention something about 100 degrees. I am not sure what that means either, but I think I would rather not find out. They must of have found some shade, though, because I cooled down after a while.

I heard daddy talking to me tonight. At first he was being silly and singing a song, but then I heard mom tell him to be serious and then he said hello. I was yelled back, but, nothing came out. So if you are reading this dad...Yo, what up dude! :-)

Mom has been buying some stuff for me too. I heard her and Grandma today talking about some things they bought at yard sales. I can't be sure, but apparently these are places sell their yards. They must sell other stuff too, because a I got some cool stuff. This being a baby stuff is going to rock!

Well, I better get to sleep. I wanted to say hello at least, so you didn't think I moved. Be well all and I will write again soon!


Anonymous said...

Dear Baby Baker,
R U a human baby or was your daddy a farm animal? If you're not sure, one way to tell is to check for udders or horn growth on your tiny baby body. Of course, if you're like your Chaddy (that's Daddy Chad for short), you'll grow up to be horny anyway. Another bad sign is if you howl at the moon or don't have opposable thumbs. Of course, you probably don't even have thumbs yet, so never mind. I look forward to reading your blog. You must get your wit from your mommy.

Anonymous said...

Baby baker--- your father is an odd bird, but he is a proud papa.

Swim well baby. Only six more weeks until your parents can tell all their wonderful friends and aunts and uncles what kind of baby you will be. HINT, HINT, HINT!!!