Thursday, September 08, 2005

So tired!

Hey folks...sorry I got lost there for a few days. Mom and Dad have been wearing me out. Apparently we went on vacation last week. I am not sure what that was, but it made me and mom very tired. She walked and walked and walked and I slept and slept and...well, you get the point. She seemed to be very relaxed though, so I enjoyed it.

Other than that, not too much new here. I can still hear daddy and every once in a while I hear him a lot louder. He pressed against mommy's tummy and talks. It makes me smile when I hear him. This fella is gonna be cool.

I heard mom and dad got a me a few things already. The other week they bought some stuff at yard sales and I know I have some clothes waiting. Hopefully something that is going to make me look cute...

Please...I don't need clothes for that :-)

Well, I am going to go back to sleep. If I don't check in before, I will stop by next week. Mom goes to Doc Piccolo for a check up and I may have some things to tell you about that. keeps giving me happy feelings everytime dad mentions the York Fair. Her belly growls and she seems pleased. I am not sure what this is either, but I am sure it will provide a fun story!

Take care outsiders! :)

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