Monday, November 07, 2005


Hey buddies...

I must say I am sorry for my lack of visiting with you over the past few weeks. I am doing very well, growing every day an fluttering more and more. Really, other than that, nothing exciting has happened...

until this week. Mom and dad went to what they were calling the Eastern Shore on Thursday and Friday for daddy's work. I have to laugh...he must be a major wuss! The reason mommy went was because she had to drive dad across a big bridge. I could tell as we crossed it that dad was scared because he was actually quiet for a while!!! :-) The next day mom went to visit dad at work again and he took her into a lunch where she fed me well...very well!!! I must say, I love crab cakes. They were delicious.

I also got hear Aunt Lisa and Uncle Todd the other night too. Mommy and daddy had dinner with them and it was very nice to hear them again. I think Aunt Lisa is more excited than most for me to get here!

Mom is doing great. I heard her tell dad the other day that she is glad that people look at her now and realize she is pregnant, instead of thinking she is just getting fat. I am sure she is beautiful. She continues to feed me lots of good grub, even though it doesn't seem like it has been as much. Oh well!

Mom and dad went the other week to register...whatever that is. I will say though, I think they were looking for things for me. If that is the case, I am one lucky baby. There is some nice stuff they were talking about.

Mom told dad today that she thinks it might be soon that he can start to feel me moving. I laughed. I have been moving my butt around in here for quite sometime and doing the best I can to make people know I am here. I guess mom has been the only one to feel. I gotta work harder on this.

I get to hear Dr. Piccilo again this week. Should be fun. I always hear him talking and then he pushes this thing on mommy's tummy. I think he is listening for my heart beat, so I make sure he finds it easily...just so mom and dad don't worry.

5 months now and things are really cramped. I am not sure how much longer I am going to be here, but I hope some spaces opens up. I am afraid I will have to sleep with my knees in my face!

Well...I am going to go now. I hope all of you are doing well!

Take care outsiders!

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Anonymous said...

You bet Aunt Lisa is excited! I can't wait to meet you little Baker. If you have your mom's looks and your dad's sense of humor you'll be the coolest baby ever!! Hugs and kisses little baby.

Auntie Lisa