Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Can you feel me?!?!?

Mom and dad were amazed on Sunday night when I decided to show mom I was inside. I started to move enough that her belly began to jump. Apparently it wasn't a lot of movement, but it was enough that they got excited. I love messing with them!

I also heard mom call and make an appointment today for Dr. Piccilo in December. I am not sure why she called for an additional appointment, but I believe it might be for them to see what I am! Dad is so impatient :-)


Lisa said...

Are you going to find out what Baby Baker is? Just have the results faxed to me!


Anonymous said...

The hell with that just call me!!!


therupps said...

Hey Chad and Jen!! Congratulations!! Jen, hang in there, I know that the last few months can be rough but the wait is well worth it. Chad, don't corrupt the kid!!!


June said...

You'd better let us know what it is!! :)