Thursday, December 08, 2005

OH BOY!!! mommy and daddy found out what I am! Here is the picture they got...can you tell???

Well if you don't see anything, that is becaise there is nothing there. After six months, I can finally tell all of you as well...I am Baby Girl Baker! :-)

I don't know if dad is disappointed or not, but I just want to reassure him...I still love me some O's! Of course, I will be checking them out with mommy!!!

Well, I need a nap. Too much excitement for one day. Ole Doc Piccolo was really moving some junk on me today, so it wore me out.



Auntie Lisa said...

Baby Brutis is a girl! Yeah! I am so happy to know what you are so I can actually buy you some stylish clothes and not make you feel like and Easter arrangement always wearing green and yellow. Gotta head to the stores so rest up little baby....Aunt Lisa is going shopping for one special Baker bun!

uncle Jason said...

Ah daddy Baker just remember instaed of worrying about one dick in this wourld you now have to worry about every dick!!!!!!

Aunt Courtney said...

It's a girl, It's a girl, It's a girl. Wahoo! Fun baby clothes shopping.

Auntie Agategoddess said...

Yay! Congratualations you two, girls are so much more fun than boys. Am I not a prime example of that?

Glad everythings going so well and I can't wait to meet Baby Girl Baker!