Thursday, September 22, 2005

Time to check in

Apologies for my long delay. I have a lot of stuff to share and just can't find the time to write. I am spinning and stetching and everything else...very busy day.

Mom had her checkup last week and everything is good. Mom and dad heard my heartrate again...146 beats per minute. Dad does a pretty mean imitation of the sound. He cracks me up.

Oh...before I forget...I have no idea what this "fair" is that mom and dad took me to last week but my God was the food wonderful. I tasted things I never knew existed and now I can't wait to get out and try them for myself! Ice cream in waffles, fried veggies, Bricker's Fries, funnel cake, Gyros, Italian Steak sandwiches...and that was just the first day :-) No, I kid. Mom kept saying she was excited for fair food and she certainly showed it by what she fed me. Mom and dad eat good stuff!

Mom still gets tired very easily and after walking around the fair, she was pooped. Even after a long day at work, she tires out very easily. Poor mom. But she says that I am worth it...that makes me smile.

I also made my first trip to my future alma mater this weekend. Mom and dad went to a Ship football game and I got to hear everything. Aunt Barker was there and mom and dad seemed to have a good time. A lot of news, but I can't wait to see what football looks like. Dad talks about it all the time, so it must be good.

Well...I need my sleep as well. Long day ahead of me know, with all the swimming and bouncing and stuff.

I'll check back soon.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

So tired!

Hey folks...sorry I got lost there for a few days. Mom and Dad have been wearing me out. Apparently we went on vacation last week. I am not sure what that was, but it made me and mom very tired. She walked and walked and walked and I slept and slept and...well, you get the point. She seemed to be very relaxed though, so I enjoyed it.

Other than that, not too much new here. I can still hear daddy and every once in a while I hear him a lot louder. He pressed against mommy's tummy and talks. It makes me smile when I hear him. This fella is gonna be cool.

I heard mom and dad got a me a few things already. The other week they bought some stuff at yard sales and I know I have some clothes waiting. Hopefully something that is going to make me look cute...

Please...I don't need clothes for that :-)

Well, I am going to go back to sleep. If I don't check in before, I will stop by next week. Mom goes to Doc Piccolo for a check up and I may have some things to tell you about that. keeps giving me happy feelings everytime dad mentions the York Fair. Her belly growls and she seems pleased. I am not sure what this is either, but I am sure it will provide a fun story!

Take care outsiders! :)