Friday, February 24, 2006

Now its hours and minutes!!!

240 hours 48 minutes and 26 seconds

So we are now down to counting by the hours and minutes. With under 10 days until I am supposed to arrive, I am getting very anxious.

I am so ready to meet my mom, dad, brother Buster, Grandma, Aunt Denise, Uncle Jason, Aunt Brenda...well, pretty much everyone.

It is dark in here, on top of being cramped and very hot. I keep telling mom to let me out by jabbing her in the ribs and generally making it hard for her to sleep, but I guess she just isn't getting the message.

Oh well!

See you all very, very soon :-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Knees, elbows...

20 days 22 hours and 30 minutes

As it gets more and more cramped in here, I have less room to stretch and move. I know that mommy doesn't like it, but sometimes I just need to stretch and kick and punch. Sometimes I hear her saying that she can feel my elbow or my back or something else. She is always making anoise and then touching her belly when I move now...she must really be able to feel me.

I also heard her say that her whole belly shifts back and forth sometimes when I move. Some of her coworkers are grossed out by it! I think its funny. Makes mommy look funny.

I heard we got a lot of snow the other day. I have no clue what the heck that is, but apparently it was a lot. I know daddy kept telling me to wait to come out until after the snow had stopped. It must be a mess whatever it is.

Well folks...I need some rest. With the countdown at 20 days and counting, I need all the rest I can get.

Talk to you later...or better yet...see you soon! :-)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Oh so close

33 days 22 hours and 56 minutes

Well, as you can see above, we are almost a month away from my arrival! How exciting. Mom and dad just finished child birth classes this past weekend and I got hear about all the things mom can expect the day I come. Sounds like it will be pretty rough ride, but I think I will be ready. Things are getting way too cramped in here. I keep kicking mom, but I don't think she is getting the point.

Tomorrow we get to visit old Doc Piccolo again. If I remember right, we start weekly visits after to the doctor after tomorrow, so that just means a lot of poking and prodding for me.

According to mom, everything is going quite well. She giggles when she can feel a part of me poking through her belly. Oh, speaking of which, dad keeps telling everyone she is about to pop. Sounds as if she has a round little belly on the outside :-)

Not too much has been happening, but I guess there will be a lot more to write about in the next few weeks.

I am getting excited to meet all the voices I have heard for the past 8 months.

Take care and I will see you soon ;-)