Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Oh so close

33 days 22 hours and 56 minutes

Well, as you can see above, we are almost a month away from my arrival! How exciting. Mom and dad just finished child birth classes this past weekend and I got hear about all the things mom can expect the day I come. Sounds like it will be pretty rough ride, but I think I will be ready. Things are getting way too cramped in here. I keep kicking mom, but I don't think she is getting the point.

Tomorrow we get to visit old Doc Piccolo again. If I remember right, we start weekly visits after to the doctor after tomorrow, so that just means a lot of poking and prodding for me.

According to mom, everything is going quite well. She giggles when she can feel a part of me poking through her belly. Oh, speaking of which, dad keeps telling everyone she is about to pop. Sounds as if she has a round little belly on the outside :-)

Not too much has been happening, but I guess there will be a lot more to write about in the next few weeks.

I am getting excited to meet all the voices I have heard for the past 8 months.

Take care and I will see you soon ;-)

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