Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Wow...this weekend was great. On Sunday, mommy was very surprised when Grandma, Aunt Denise, Aunt Brneda and dad threw her a baby shower. I loved to hear all the noise and I loved that mommy was so happy. When she is happy, I am happy :-)

Based on what I heard, I got a lot of good stuff! It didn't sound like mom got anything for herself, but it sounds like I am well stocked with clothes, toys and all kinds of good stuff. I love it.

Tomorrow I get to be poked and prodded again by the docs. Mom and dad now have to go once every two weeks since we are getting closer to when I need to come out. And by the way...that couldn't come a moment too soon. It is CRAMPED here. I have to kick mom's kidneys, gall bladder, spleen, whatever is in the way. One good thing, I have found this very soft thing to sleep on. I think mom calls it her bladder.

Mom and dad started to take birthing classes two weeks ago. I heard them touring the hospital and last week mom started to learn how to breath. I don't know what the big deal is for her. All she has to do is lay there. I am the one you should feel bad for. I leave my warm, cushy home I have to be thrown into a cold, bright new place.

Well...time for sleep. Gotta get ready for another day or terrorizing mom's organs :-)!!!

Take care everyone.

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