Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hello everybody!!! I learn to walk and I am gone! I had no idea it had been over a month since I last posted anything here. What a bad little toddler I have become.

Well, here's the update. I think I have about 76 teeth now and I think my mouth will be sore forever. Good God people, are these chompers really worth it? I had no idea that chewing was worth this kind of pain. Hopefully...HOPEFULLY, they are soon done!

I am talking a little more everyday. I now say mommy and daddy very clear and of course apple. Sometimes I say numbers just to make grandma happy. Mommy and daddy sometimes joke that I am cursing too...little do they know that I am! :-)

Walking and running is cool, although I still don't want to try steps and I stand stock still when mom and dad put me down in the grass. Give me a hard floor or carpet any day!

Did I mention...I LOVE SOUP! Weird, right? Daddy is a big soup freak (well, at least half of that we know is true!) and I think I got his taste buds. Any kind of soup really. Actually, it feels good to not have to chew stuff. Every time I bite down, my teeth hurt, so slurping some soup is great.

Well...I think that is enough for now. I will see if daddy has any new pics of me. I thought he did, but I haven't seen them on here yet. What a slacker!!! But you knew that already.

Good bye for now!

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