Thursday, April 06, 2006

I know

I know, I are sitting there thinking "what does a baby have to do all day that she can't find time to write a Blog entry?"

Well, things have been going very well here. Now that mom and dad have gotten my feeding a little more regulated, I am much more content than before. Plus, now I can leave stinky farts that make daddy gag! Hah...9 points for me!

I am loving life on the outside. Aside from some painful gas and some loud noises, everything is wonderful. Mommy and daddy cuddle me and give me kisses all the time. I get to see grandma almost every day! Buster likes to kiss the top of my head and I get to sleep all night and stare at things in amazement all day. How much better could it get???

Daddy says he has a few more pictures to post, but he is very busy. I know mommy is worried about some of his work trips coming up. She is nervouse about being home with me by herself. I don't know why she is worried. I am less than 10 pounds for heaven's sake! Anyway...daddy will post the pictures soon...he promises.

Well...I better go. I am going to visit grandma tonight with mommy and Aunt Brenda. Should be fun!

Take care :-)

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