Monday, April 17, 2006

My first Easter

Yesterday was my first Easter. I had so much fun!

First, mommy and daddy took me to church for the first time. Well, I got to go to the nursery, but it was still pretty cool. I got to meet two other bigger girls named Ella. One of them was even named Ella Marie. That name rocks!

When we got home, Grandma, Aunt Denise and Uncle Jason all stopped by. Along with mom and dad, they all ate ham and lots of good stuff. Dad kept joking that maybe next year I can try some. I will stick with formula for now.

I got a cool basket filled with all kinds of goodies from the Eatser Bunny. I am not sure who this character is, but I hope he is not one of those bunnies that Buster is always chasing! :-(

Here are some pics from my big day:
My cool new lion!

My giant bunny!

Waiting for my basket

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Autie Kelly said...

Hello there bab Ella!! This is Aunt Kelly. You might remember me from visiting you at the hospital when you were born. Tell your mommy to give me a call so I can come and see how big you're getting already. :)